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Everyday Hero Nomination Form

  1. When times are tough, heroes emerge. We all know someone who is making a difference right now as we live through these unique times. The Klamath County Board of Commissioners is proud to launch the Klamath County Everyday Hero Program. The Program is a recognition program for Klamath County citizens who make a difference, big and small, in other people’s lives and in our community.
    To nominate a person to be recognized by the Board of County Commissioners as a Klamath County Everyday Hero, fill in the boxes below, and click the submit button. If chosen, Everyday Heroes will receive a recognition pin and letter from the Board of County Commissioners and their story will be featured on our social media pages.
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    By signing below, I authorize Klamath County, to create, receive, or use my photos, photos of me, my voice, recordings of my voice, my quotes, or phrases said by me, for use in the publication of the Everyday Hero Recognition Program. I hereby relinquish all rights, title, and interests I have in the use of my likeness in the above noted program. I further hereby release Klamath County from any liability related to the publication or distribution of my likeness as described above in relation to the Everyday Hero Recognition Program.
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