What will the license allow me to do?

A concealed handgun license allows you to carry a loaded or unloaded  handgun concealed upon your person or concealed within your control in a  car or other means of transportation.

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1. What does "concealment" mean?
2. What will the license allow me to do?
3. What if I move to a new address within Klamath County?
4. What if I move out-of-state or from Klamath County to another county in Oregon?
5. What if I lose or misplace my Concealed Handgun License?
6. How do I renew my Concealed Handgun License?
7. Do I need to have my License reissued if I change my name?
8. What if I have a Concealed Handgun License but do not have it on my person when I'm stopped by a law enforcement officer and have a concealed handgun in my possession?
9. If I'm a resident of another state, but regularly travel through Oregon, will Klamath County issue me a Concealed Handgun License?
10. If I have been fingerprinted previously and my fingerprints are on file with the Oregon State Police, do I have to be fingerprinted again?
11. How long does it take for a renewal License and when do I get my new License?
12. Should I bring my weapon to my appointment?