How do I get started?

If you provide transient lodging, you must complete Transient Room Tax Operator Registration form and mail it to the address on the form. Forms may be obtained from the Tax Collector’s Office or online (PDF).

After we receive your registration form, we’ll assign you a unique Certificate of Authority Number and mail you a certificate. This certificate must be displayed prominently in your establishment.

Begin collecting the transient room tax from the transients and remit the tax to the Tax Collector’s Office. The Tax Collector’s Office will provide paper forms to remit the tax or you may use the online lodging tax form.

The online lodging tax return is a calculating form. It will take the numbers you enter and calculate the tax you owe.

When you complete your return, print and sign it, then mail it to the Tax Collector’s Office with your payment.

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4. How do I get started?
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