How do I make a discovery request?

Requests for discovery may be made by filling out the appropriate request form either in our office or online here

  • If you are the victim in the case there is no fee, but your request may be put on hold until the conclusion of the case.
  • If you are a defendant and are represented by a defense attorney, we will not release discovery to you directly as your defense attorney should provide you with it.
  • If you are a defendant and are representing yourself (having filled out the necessary paperwork to do so in court) the fee is $20-$30 depending on if there are photos or other large volume media that we will have to copy for you. We will call you to inform you of the fee total when it is ready to be picked up from our office and payment will be required at the time of pick up.
  • If you are a defendant who is required to fill out a discovery request for a DUII evaluation, the fee is $20 and must be paid at the time of request so we can send the discovery to the DUII evaluator as soon as possible. Because payment is due at the time of request, these may only be accepted in person at our office.

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