Manufactured Dwellings

Placing, moving, demolishing, or converting a manufactured dwelling requires specific documentation. Many of the forms required to work with manufactured dwellings are found at the MHODS website or below in the links. These types of structures have design and construction requirements that differ from traditional structures, and include permits, tags, and dealer/distributor disclosure statements. Please review the information below if you plan to place, move, demolish, or decommission/convert a manufactured structure.

Please contact the Klamath County Tax Office for all Manufactured Home transactions prior to placing, moving, or demolition. A trip permit to move a manufactured home from property to property, or to Landfill can be obtained through the Tax Office as well. 

Klamath County Tax Office
305 Main Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
(541) 883-4297 Phone
(541) 883-5165 Fax
Monday through Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Manufactured Dwelling Forms

Minimum Documents Required for Manufactured Dwelling Permit (two copies each):

Other Jurisdiction Approvals

  • Obtain other required approvals including Planning, Public Works, On-Site, Public Health, Fire District, Sanitary District, etc.

Site Plan

  • Fully Dimensioned showing all property features
  • Flood Certification (where applicable)

Installation Plan

  • Blocking, runner and / or foundation design or layout

Floor Plan(s)

  • Fully Dimensioned
  • Room Use

Ownership Information

  • Contact Klamath County Tax Office (Manufactured Structure Ownership Document required in the State of Oregon)

Important Demolition Information for Manufactured Dwellings

Demolition of structures does not require a building permit, but there are several steps that you’ll need to know to demo safely and according to DEQ requirements. The following information is designed to assist you with your demo project needs. 


  • The owner/contractor shall contact the State DEQ before demolition activity begins.  All asbestos-containing materials (ACM) must be properly removed and disposed of at an authorized landfill.  For information on identification of ACM and removal /disposal regulations contact the DEQ Bend office at 541-388-6146 or on-line at .
  • Remove entire structure and foundation, including basement walls and floors. Owner/contractor is responsible for the complete disconnection and removal of sewer, water, electrical and gas utilities. Basement and foundation cavities shall be backfilled and compacted in six-inch lifts to prevent settlement. 
  • Coordinate with all utility providers for disconnection of service (electric, gas, water, sewer, etc.).
  • Private sewage disposal systems must be decommissioned per County On-Site Division and / or State Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). 
  • Contact the Watermaster for decommissioning of private well systems.
  • All demolition material shall be removed from the site including wiring, plumbing, lumber, concrete, waste or other material.  Material shall be disposed in an approved manner and location.  Contact local fire district for approval to burn structure.


  • If demolition occurs in areas where pedestrians may be present, suitable barriers and other protective measures must be provided. In the event the demolition will interfere with traffic flow on an a street or public way, signs and traffic controls must be provided and approved by the applicable Public Works Department.

CHECKLIST: These items are REQUIRED for any demolition project. Make sure these are completed before you begin!

✔ Asbestos Removal 
The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) requires an Asbestos Survey before a structure is demolished or intentionally burned. Residential buildings with four or fewer units that were constructed after January 1, 2004 are exempt from this requirement; all commercial renovation and demolition projects require an Asbestos Survey regardless of construction date. Only an accredited inspector may perform an asbestos survey; owner-occupants are not allowed to perform friable asbestos abatement for demolition projects. Additional information is available on DEQ’s asbestos information page You may also contact their Salem office at (503) 229-5696.

✔ Lead Based Paint
Any renovation, repair, or repainting of pre- I 978 housing must be performed by RPP Certified Renovation Firms. Go to or call 1-877-290-6767 for more information.

✔ Waste Disposal
Property owners may use their own equipment to transport and dispose of construction waste in conjunction with demolition activities to an authorized disposal or waste recovery site. Licensed contractors may also use their own equipment (in outlying areas, this must be no more than five (5) cubic yards of waste). Otherwise a container must be obtained or other arrangements made with Waste Management Inc. at (541) 884-7706 or Republic Services of Oregon at (541) 536-1194. The Asbestos Survey Forms and Asbestos ANS Form must be turned in to the Klamath County Landfill (click here for more information). 

✔ Wells
The Oregon Water Resources Department should be contacted if you plan to abandon an existing well. They can be reached at (541) 883-4182.

✔ Sewer and Septic Systems
The sewer line shall be capped on private property. If the waste disposal system is a septic system, then the Klamath County Onsite Department should be contacted at (541) 883-5121 ext. 6.

✔ Gas and Electricity Shutoff
To disconnect gas service contact Avista Utilities at 1 (800) 227-9187. Contact Pacific Power to disconnect electrical service 1-888-221-7070. For North County, contact Midstate Electrical Cooperative, Inc. at 1-541-536-2126. Contact the Oregon Utility Notification Center and schedule an underground utility locate prior to demolition by dialing 811 or visiting their website at