No Spray Program

Klamath County Public Works occasionally receives requests to not spray in our road right-of ways.  These requests can be for variety of reasons ranging from creating a buffer around an organic field to keeping herbicides away from a residence.  Klamath County is required by ORS 365.265 and ORS 569.395 to control vegetation within our road right-of-ways and we do so by spraying with herbicides.  To satisfy the requests to not spray we have implemented a "NO-Spray" program that creates a means for landowners to enter into an agreement with Klamath County in which Klamath County agrees not to spray and the landowner or producer agrees to take over all required vegetation control within the right-of-way themselves. 

Drazil Rd. puncturevine

We offer two different "No-Spray" Agreements.  

The first one is designed for residential road frontage.  These are generally small areas that can be reasonably maintained by the property owner.  In these agreements the County agrees not to spray at all and the property owner agrees to assume all of the County’s responsibility to control vegetation in the right-of-way. (Residential No-Spray Agreement)

The second one is for organic farming operations adjacent to our roads.  These are generally large areas with extensive road frontage.  In these agreements the County continues to spray the road shoulder (generally 8 feet wide) and agrees not to spot spray from the outside edge of the shoulder to the outside edge of the right-of-way (generally 30 feet from the center-line).  The land owner or organic producer agrees to assume the County’s responsibly to control vegetation in the non sprayed area.  (Organic No-Spray Agreement)

Before any ’No-Spray" agreement is submitted the person requesting the "No-Spray" area must first schedule a site visit with the Klamath County Vegetation Manager.  During this visit the Vegetation Manager will review with the applicant all of the requirements of the agreement.  Once an agreement has been signed by both the applicant and Klamath County, signs will be placed in the right-of-way identifying the start and end of the "No-Spray" area and Klamath County will cease spraying as agreed.  Klamath County only recognizes our own signs that have been placed and agreed to by Klamath County.  If an applicant fails to comply with the terms of the agreement Klamath County may immediately terminate the agreement, take down the "No-Spray" signs and return that section of right-of-way to our regular spray program consistent with all other County Road Right-of-ways.

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