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Klamath County Environmental Health provides inspections twice each year for the county’s 247 food facilities. These inspections ensure the health and safety of county residents. Below are links for resources concerning licensed food facilities.

Food Handlers Card

Anytime you are serving food to the public, you need a food handler card. Food service workers are required to obtain a food handler card within 30 days of beginning work.

Food handler card are obtained in Oregon and are accepted in all Oregon counties. Food handler cards issued in other states are not valid in Oregon. The cost of a card is $10, and cards are valid for three years

How to Get a Card

You must pass a Food Handler test with at least a 75%. Food Handler Tests are available online.

Food Handler Tests are available in person at the Public Health Building on the 1st Tuesday of the month from 3 to 4:30 p.m. or by appointment.

Getting a Replacement Card

If you received your card from Klamath County Environmental Health, come into our office and receive a replacement card for $5. If you received your card online, contact the entity you received your card from.

Mobile units

Mobile unit requirements

A mobile food unit is defined in OAR 333-162-0000(31) as “…any vehicle that is self-propelled, or which can be pushed or pulled down a sidewalk, street or highway, on which food is prepared, processed or converted, or which is used in selling and dispensing food to the ultimate consumer.” There is no size limit to mobile food units, except they must meet the following requirements:

  • The unit must be a vehicle and not require a special permit from the Oregon Department of Transportation to be moved.
  • Mobile food units must be mobile at all times during operation. There is no requirement to move the unit at specific intervals, however, the unit must be on wheels at all times and have no permanent connections to any utility service (including water, sewer, or electric).
  • The unit and all operations and equipment must be integral to the unit. This precludes the use of a barbecue with a Class III or IV unit, nor the use of 12 cubic feet of storage on any class of unit.

Types of mobile food units

There are four types of mobile food units. The mobile food unit classifications are based upon the type of menu served.

  • Class I – These units can sell only intact prepackaged foods and dispense nonperishable beverages. No dispensed ice is allowed. No preparation or assembly of food items is allowed.
  • Class II – These units may dispense unpackaged foods. However, no cooking, preparation or assembly of foods is allowed on the unit.
  • Class III – These units may cook, prepare and assemble food items. However, no rawto-finish cooking of animal foods is allowed on the unit.
  • Class IV – These units may serve a full menu.

Please keep in mind any change in the menu must be approved by the health department.

General information

Food handlers information

Restaurant and Bed & Breakfast packet

Mobile unit packet

Temporary restaurant packet

Complaint form

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