Election Schedule

2021 November Election (currently no election scheduled)

Date Event
August 13, 2021 Last day for Governing Body to submit Ballot Title
September 02, 2021 Last day to withdraw Measure Election
September 02, 2021 Last day for governing body to submit SEL for Measure
September 09, 2021 First day to file for Candidacy/ PCP for Primary Election
September 09, 2021 Last day for partisan Candidate to register as member of major political party for Primary Election
September 18, 2021 Mail Military & Out of Country Ballots
October 04, 2021 Mail out of State Ballots
October 12, 2021 Last day to Register to Vote (Postmarks Count)
October 13, 2021 All Ballots Mailed
November 02, 2021 Election Day (Postmarks on Ballots DO NOT Count)