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Past Projects: Modoc Mitigation Project

The County has partnered with the City of Klamath Falls to complete the City's "Modoc Mitigation Project" that was required by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The County Landfill received 110-393-tons of material without compensation in order to facilitate the completion of this project. The Landfill normally accepts 30,000 tons of material per year. To put this in perspective, we accepted over 3.6 years of material in just 3 months!

We are proud to announce this project was a success and exceeded all DEQ requirements.


Total cost to the Solid Waste Division for providing these services: $181,256.00.

Klamath County Recycle 2017 Facts

  • DEQ Report: Klamath County Recycle Percentage is 25.7% (mandate is 15%)
  • Klamath County recycled 29,260,000 pounds of recycle material in Fiscal year 2017.