Alcohol & Drug Problems

Alcohol and other drug abuse can create problems for children and isolate them from those who love them. The youth become strangers and sources of frustration, irritation, and disruption for the family.

Potential Warning Signs

Potential warning signs to watch out for include:

  • Changing friends, their type of dress or interests. Secretive about friends
  • Difficult to communicate with. Refuses to talk about friends or activities
  • Less responsible, coming home late, forgetful about important functions
  • Showing signs of physical and/or mental deterioration or increased appetite. Rapid weight loss. Unmotivated
  • Strongly defends occasional use of or experimenting with drugs
  • Unpredictable, hostile, easily provoked, depressed, withdrawn, secretive

Alcohol & Drug Agencies

If your child's behavior becomes extreme and matches some of the warning signs, contact one of the following alcohol and drug agencies: