What Your Property Taxes Pay For

When you write your property tax check to Klamath County, only some of the money goes to the county. We collect the taxes and distribute the money to 82 taxing districts providing a variety of public services. On the average, out of every $1 you pay, only 15.48 cents goes to Klamath County government. The remainder goes to School Districts (39.42 cents), Cities (13.66 cents), Public Safety Agencies (16.91 cents) and Other Districts (14.53 cents).

Of the 15.48 cents that goes to Klamath County (based on 2011-2012 adopted budget).: 

  • 10.80 cents goes towards public safety, 
  • 2.35 cents towards public services, 
  • 1.01 cents towards administration, 
  • 0.70 cents towards veterans and museums, 
  • 0.50 cents towards agriculture, and 
  • 0.12 cents towards miscellaneous and contingency

Not Paid for by Property Taxes

Property tax does not pay for:

  • Adult parole and probation
  • Building codes inspection and enforcement
  • Commission on children and families
  • Economic development
  • Fairgrounds
  • Law library
  • Mental health
  • Parks
  • Public works