Jail Sanction

Offenders receiving treatment or programming while they are incarcerated, increases the offenders' compliance upon release. This type of situation allows the offender to continue with treatment, even while in custody. This continuum of care significantly impacts an offender's ability to succeed.

Klamath County received a Justice Reinvestment Grant, as a result of the 2013 Legislative Session. House Bill 3194 provides funding to counties to develop program and services locally to assist with the reduction of the state prison population.

Underutilized Jail

The Klamath County Jail was being underutilized due to funding reductions. The Local Public Safety Coordinating Council (LPSCC) identified sanction capacity as a need in our community. HB 3194 funds, as well as community corrections, Klamath Youth Development Center and a sheriff contribution from state funds allowed C Pod to open on December 2, 2013. There are no County General funds being used to operate C Pod. Not only did LPSCC recommend opening the Pod, but also recommend treatment services be provided in the C Pod.

In Custody Treatment Program

Community corrections work closely with the jail, local treatment providers, Klamath Youth Development Center and other community partners to develop and deliver in custody treatment program that are evidenced-based and we focus on short term transitioning from jail to the community.

We believe opening Pod C, providing in custody treatment and creating appropriate transition plans locally, coupled with the supervision provided by community corrections and the services provided in our local facility allows Klamath County to reduce recidivism and create a safer community.