Dry or Failing Residential Water Wells

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For Assistance with the Klamath County Grant process please call Nicole at 541-851-2264 For Assistance with the Dry Well Form please call Cindy at 541-883-4182 option 4

Dry/Impaired Domestic Well Process:

1.  Notice impaired domestic well, contact well driller or pump contractor for assistance with issue for low or no water production.  If you need water tank/delivery please contact the local Water Master office (read below for information on tank and water delivery). 

2.  Report "DRY WELL COMPLAINT FORM" online at www.oregon.gov/owrd/Pages/index.aspx 

3.  Complete repairs to domestic well to improve production (new well, deepened well, new/lowered pump)

4.  Complete Domestic Well grant application, submit invoices, grant agreement complete, receive grant funding for approved applicants.


START HERE: **  Oregon Water Resources Klamath Drought Dry Well FAQ 

Report your dry well --> here

Dry Wells Info Sheet

Info Sheet on Water Tank Usage Criteria And Approval

Potable Water Information

Klamath County Grant Funding:

Klamath County Domestic Well Financial Assistance Program Information <-- INFORMATION ON THE KLAMATH COUNTY GRANT 

Klamath County Domestic Well Grant Application  <---CLICK HERE FOR THE KLAMATH COUNTY GRANT APPLICATION

W9 document to submit with grant application Please complete this document and save this to be submitted with grant 


USDA Single Family Housing Repair Loans and Grants

RCAC Household Water Well and Septic System Loan/Grant Program

OWRD Water Well Abandonment, Repair and Replacement Fund Fact Sheet (WARRF)

Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union Impaired Well Assistance Program