Moving a Manufactured Home

Moving a Manufactured Home

Before moving a manufactured structure, you will need to secure a placement permit from the Klamath County Planning Department to be sure that the manufactured structure may be sited at the new location.

When you have a placement permit from the planning department, either the Tax Office or a licensed mover can issue a trip permit. There is a $5.00 trip permit fee per section. You will need to provide the transporter’s name and contact information, along with the placement permit (must at least have placement permit number). To obtain a trip permit for a structure moving out of Klamath County, all taxes for the current fiscal year must be paid in addition to all prepaid taxes for the upcoming tax year. 

You will receive a tax bill from the county where the manufactured structure was sited on January 1 of the current year. A manufactured structure that moves within the state of Oregon between January 1st and December 31st will be assessed and billed at the new location the next fiscal tax year. No prepay taxes will be collected on a  manufactured structure that moves out of the state of Oregon on or after January 1 and prior to July 1 of the current year. If a manufactured structure is moving out of the state of Oregon after July 1, prepayment taxes will be collected.

Requirements for every transaction:

  • All taxes must be paid in full. From July 1 until the tax roll is extended, pre-collection of taxes is also required (unless otherwise noted)
  • All fees and taxes must be paid. All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Payment for fees can be made by cash or certified check. Credit/Debit card payments are accepted at the office, but are not available online or over the phone. 

Move Manufactured Structure - With or Without Ownership Change

TRIP PERMIT – Expires 30 days from issue date

Documentation needed: