Special Handling Materials

Certain materials have additional fees or restrictions associated with their disposal. For a printable PDF of the list below, please click here

Special Handling Materials Fee Schedule

Type Fee
Stripped Appliances/Overstuffed Furniture:                                     $4.50 each
Includes spring mattresses, couches, chairs washers
 and dryers that have motors, wiring switches and pumps 
removed. This also includes refrigerators and freezers that 
are stripped, have the door removed and the refrigerant 
evacuated. We are not allowed to accept anything containing 
Type Fee
Non-stripped Appliances: $14.50 each
Oregon DEQ will not allow us to accept anything containing refrigerants. 
If your refrigerator/freezer has not been evacuated, we cannot accept it. 
If your washer or dryer does not have the motor, wiring, switches and pump 
removed we will charge an additional $10 for each that is not stripped. 
$10.00 each 
additional for 
Type Fee
Auto with rim $6.50 each
Auto (under 17 inches)                                                                           $2.50 each
Truck (over 17 inches-no rims) $6.00 each
Type Fee
Microwaves $5.00 each